Sleep - so needed during pregnancy. So what can be done to help get some much needed rest during this period you are growing a tiny little human? Read on to find out mummyista tips for getting a better nights sleep. Blog
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Sleep - so needed during pregnancy

So what can be done to help get some much needed rest during this period you are growing a tiny little human? Read on to find out mummyista tips for getting a better nights sleep.

Tip No:

1:The dreaded trips to the bathroom can be reduced if you tip the scales a bit and drink plenty of fluid through the day but reduce the amount before bedtime (an hour at least before).

2. We all know caffeine can keep us awake and this should be limited during pregnancy anyhow - if you can completely eliminate it then all the better to aid your sleep but if not try to reduce the amount and have it earlier in the day- there is also a link here urination (point no 1)

3. Watching what you eat can help too.  Nausea can be a problem particularly in the first trimester, and snacking on bland snacks to keep your tummy at least slightly full can help with that. A balanced diet will also aid a good nights rest and is good for you and baby. If your body gets what it needs during the day you're less likely to kept awake by a body craving something it needs.

4. Allow yourself to rest - naps are your best friend. Even if its only for a short time giving your body that chance to 'catch up' so you're not over tired when its bedtime and may not then be able to get a good nights sleep as a result.

5. Exercise (after consulting with your health professional on what is ok and what is not) and try to do this earlier in the day so you're not 'buzzing' with energy just before bed. Read our blog on exercising during pregnancy here to get more insights on this topic.

6. If you are worried about something or there is something happening in your life that is upsetting you , talk to someone about it. A friend or a qualified professional that will listen and help you. Worrying and having things on our minds will keep us awake at night but won't solve the issue - speak to someone who can help.

7. The position you  sleep in can really help. All the professionals advise sleeping on your left size with your legs and knees bent, as this helps with the blood flow to the placenta and the baby, and it also means your organs aren't being pressured as they could be if sleeping on your back (which it is advised not to do).

8. Support your body either with a special pregnancy pillow or several normal pillows - one between the knees, one under the abdomen and one to support your lower back. I had a special pregnancy pillow that I basically hugged like a teddy bear that I found a real help.

9. Have a routine - go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time if you can and give yourself time to wind down and relax before going to be so your body is ready and knows its time to sleep.

10. If you are really struggling getting enough sleep and/or are concerned about how tired you are do consult your doctor. 

Finally if you're looking for some sleep wear to help you feel that extra bit cosy at bedtime please check out our ranges here

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