Boardwalk Long Shorts - Maternity
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Boardwalk Long Shorts
Boardwalk Long Shorts
Boardwalk Long Shorts
Boardwalk Long Shorts
Boardwalk Long Shorts
Boardwalk Long Shorts
Boardwalk Long Shorts
Boardwalk Long Shorts
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Boardwalk Long Shorts

Size guide
AED 245.00

Product description

A longer version of this loved style due to the button detailing.

Shorts with style!

A must have staple item for your maternity wardrobe.

These can be worn after birth also as the only clue that these are maternity shorts is a discreet band of fabric across the front waist band.

You have to look really hard to think these are maternity shorts!

Materials and care

100% Linen

Linen – is a natural textile made from the fibres of the flax plant. It is known to be the world's strongest plant fibre. Linen may be stiff initially but becomes soft and supple through handling (i.e. wear). While there are manufacturing processes to chemically "soften" linen fabric before they are put on the shelves, MEV would rather not. They want to minimise further processing that unnecessarily adds to the burden on the environment. Over some wear,  mums and mums-to-be will enjoy the softness and coolness that linen offers. MEV use linen and linen blends in designs that complement the rumpled look ... afterall that is part of linen's charm.

Machine wash warm,gentle wash with like colours

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not dry clean

Iron on medium heat

Size and fit

We stock sizes XS,S,M & L

XS- 36"/91cm

S- 38"/97cm

M- 40.5"/103cm

L- 43"'/109cm

Determine your fit for our maternity bottoms by measuring your hip size (fullest around your hips, beneath the belly) note: this is not your waist measurement.

For any bottom style, be it shorts, skirts, pants, jeans or leggings, measure your current hip size at the fullest and then refer to the size above for the corresponding size. Your hip size is measured at the widest part of the hips. Ensure measuring tape is horizontal as it wraps around your hip bones and buttocks. Each bottom size – determined by your hip measurement - is designed with a tolerance for expansion in belly circumference which should accommodate you to full term.

Through the course of your pregnancy, your hip measurement may increase to the next size range, in which case, a re-fit is recommended to assess the need for a new sizing.

MEV bottoms are constructed with waistbands that stretch for anticipated growth per hip size. Care and attention is paid to subtle but critical details such as technical proportions and specifications that must be uniquely considered for the pregnant shape.


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