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Pregnancy Fashion Trends 2022

What to wear when pregnant in 2022!

 Its an interesting time in fashion with the stay at home loungewear we've all become accustomed too set to stay around for the foreseeable future and the lets go 'out out' fashion party style being a key feature for 2022. Pregnancy should not be a time where suddenly your pregnancy style goes out the window, so you should still be able to follow the latest trends and luckily the maternity designers have not disappointed.

So lets see what the predictions are for 2022 fashion trends....some may surprise you

Catsuits yes that's right catsuits are making a comeback in all their glory. Sexy black are perfect for a night out or a shopping trip with casual pumps you'll also find floral prints are a fave.

Chains - back to the 90's we go. Belt chains are in and chain belts . Wear over a dress to add extra wow factor.

Pearls - these are the 'in' jewelry and statement 'jewel' for 2022, wear them on your neck or on your bag. Reflect their essence by using iridescent fabrics too.

Embrace your inner goth , you may have thought you left this look back in your college or rebel years but its set to make a come back. Go for black on black , doc martens or similar and you'll nail it. Accessorize with your make up and jewelry. A top tip - even baby clothes are taking on this trend!

Checks - his may be a bit harder to find in maternity but its not going anywhere in terms of trends. Look for ways to bring it into your maternity wardrobe - oversize tshirts are a good option , or use your bags, hosiery or jewelry to make a statement.

Bright colours - so many ways you can work these when you're pregnant. So go ahead experiment and enjoy it, a flash of bold color always cheers up the day !

It will be interesting to see how many of these predictions come true - some are already being worked by the a listers e.g. Rihanna in her recent 'pink pop' photo announcement showing off her beautiful baby bump. She is certainly one trendsetter I'll be following to lead the way in pregnancy style for 2022!

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