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Boys  Linen Playsuit Blue and Oatmeal

Boys Linen Playsuit Blue and Oatmeal

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AED 335.00

Product description

Blue and Oatmeal Linen playsuit in 100% soft linen.

Comes with two front pockets with baby blue trim. 

Crossed at back  with two height adjustments via buttons and elasticized waist for optimal comfort. 

Playsuit is fully lined.

It's 2-3 times stronger than cotton resisting kids "wear and tear"

Linen breathes much like human skin; 

In hot temperatures it absorbs moisture and deflects heat while in cool weather it retains body temperature

Absorbs up to 20% of its weight in moisture, feeling dry to touch

It's antibacterial

Ideal fabric for kids sensitive skin, specially for those who suffer from excema or other skin allergies as it is hypoallergenic and has a natural ph balance

It's anti-static

Linen gets softer over time

It resists stains like no other fabric and can be washed at high and low temperatures without loosing any of its properties

Linen is Eco-friendly. 

It comes from flax and the totality of the plant is used in its production process. It does not require watering or pesticides and is 100% biodegradable.

Materials and care


Hand wash or machine wash gentle cycle

Luke warm water (max temp 60o)

Soft detergent

Wash with similar colors

Treat stains as soon as possible

Do not Bleach or Tumble dry

Place cloth on top of garment when ironing otherwise they may become marked and/or shiny

Note: linen garments may tend to shrink between 3-5% after first wash.

Size and fit

6M25-27" / 61-69 cm12-17 lb / 6-8 kg
12M28.5-30" / 72-76 cm21-25 lb / 9-11 kg
18M30-32" / 76-81 cm25-28 lb / 11-13 kg
24M32-34" / 81-86 cm28-30 lb / 13-14 kg


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