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Can I breastfeed with implants?

Its a bit controversial and people don't usually talk about it....we live in an age where cosmetic surgery has become the norm, with many ladies having breast implants before they embark on the journey of motherhood.

So when it comes to the topic of breastfeeding, many mums to be worry if they will be able to, if they have undergone breast augmentation.

The good news if I know of a fair few friends and relatives of mine that have indeed breast fed their babies with no problems and they do have implants. I only know this because they are friends and/or relatives of course and this is why we don't often hear the subject discussed in wider circles, just because a lot of ladies don't want people to know that they have undergone surgery to enhance their looks.

The truth is there can be some additional challenges to breastfeed depending on the type of surgery, where the incisions were done etc.

So here are a few factors to consider:

Where were the incisions made?

The majority of surgeries appear to be done via incisions under the breast or near the armpit, preserving the major nerves so you should still be able to produce milk. However, if they were done across the nipple or areola it's likely the nerve/milk ducts will have been cut meaning milk production may not possible.

Do you still have sensation in your nipples?

If the answer is yes this is a good sign that everything is working as it should. Don't worry if surgery was only done recently (1-2yrs) though, your feeling may not yet have returned, so you may still be able to breastfeed.

Did you go under or over the muscle?

Under is less invasive and should not affect milk production , however if over the chest muscle and under the glandular tissue it could hinder your ability to produce milk.

Why did you do the surgery?

You are more likely to be a candidate for breastfeeding if the reason you had the surgery was purely to enhance the size of your breasts for cosmetic purposes. However if there was a medical reason such as breast tissue had never developed in the first place it could mean that this could rule out the option to breastfeed. 

If you are concerned about whether you can nurse your baby due to breast implants please get in touch with your surgeon who should advise you of all the options. 

Whatever the outcome please remember you are growing a baby who you will love and take care of to the best of your ability that's what matters at the end of the day.

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