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Keeping your smile during pregnancy

Keeping Your Smile During Pregnancy

I've just been to the dentists for my regular hygienist appointment. Its not my favorite thing to do - you might even say I dread it along with the trips to the dentist  himself, although luckily I don't have to go quite as frequently as when I was expecting.

Anyhow when pregnant my teeth were extra sensitive and I had mild 'pregnancy gingivitis'. This is a condition you don't hear us ladies talk much about but its very common.

During pregnancy our mouths can also be affected by the many hormonal changes going on and we can develop this condition which is an inflammation of the gums that can cause swelling and tenderness. Your gums may also bleed a little when brushing or flossing.

It's important not to leave this untreated as it can lead to bigger gum problems. The dentist will most likely advise regular cleaning to prevent this.

The risk of tooth decay is also prevalent for a number of reasons. Morning sickness can increase acidity in the mouth and this can wear away at the enamel. You may eat more carbohydrates which can increase the risk of cavities. You may also take less care with brushing or flossing due to other factors e.g. tiredness, nausea however its important to keep up your regular routine to prevent problems occurring.

So don't put off your next dental visit, keep it a priority. Maintaining your oral health is directly related to your overall health and that of your baby.

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