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Photographing your New Born

by Lianne @dinkyheartphotography

Our photographer friend Lianne gives us some tips on how to take the best photos of your new baby.

I can’t emphasise how important taking photos of your newborn baby is. The time passes so quickly and your tiny newborn grows in to a bouncy baby before you know it.

In the early days your newborn will likely sleep a lot and this is a great time to take photos of your little one. Here are some tips for getting the most out of those early photos and some examples of my little one on her first day in the hospital and again 4 days later at home.

1. Choose your moment!

This is probably the most important point of all. There’s no point trying to photograph a newborn baby who is unsettled, unhappy or due a feed, it will be stressful for everyone involved. Instead, after one of those blessed 'good nights', on a day when you are feeling fresh(ish) and when your baby is napping, use what ever camera you have, be it a fancy DSLR or your camera phone, to photograph your little one.

2. Make the most of great natural light! Open blinds as far as they'll go, if you've got tinted windows open the windows and let the natural light fill the room, then position your baby OUT of the direct sunlight but facing the window.

3. Pop your little one in the middle of your bed, facing the window (but not in direct sunlight). This will give you the space you need to capture all of those scrummy details. Position your baby however you/they are most comfortable, on their back, side, or front, and try and different position each time you decide to take photos, this will give you great variation and avoid disturbing your baby too much whilst they are sleeping.

4. Either have your baby dressed in light or white clothes or grab a white blanket and pop it on your little one. The white really helps give that bright, light, fresh effect and personally I love that look.

5.Photograph the details. The tiny toes and wrinkly feet, scrunched up hands, pouty lips, even the belly button clip that will soon fall off and be forgotten. Your newborn will grow so quickly, be sure to capture those all important details and keep photographing them.

6. If you or your hubby want to take great photos of your baby in the hospital, where the rooms are often poorly lit and a little cramped then the same rules apply. Move your little one closer to the window to make the most of the light and capture all of those precious brand new moments!

That’s it really! So leave the chores today, schedule time and photograph your baby. You'll not regret capturing these precious moments ♥

Lianne @thephotoclubdxb

The Photo Club DXB – is an online hub for creative mums with a passion for photography. Founded by photographers Natalie Robinson and Lianne Dawes, it offers beginner photography workshops and photowalks for parents. Please get in touch for information on their upcoming workshops

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